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How to Install DVB T2 System?

July 14, 2018 Tutorial & Tech Leave a reply

DVB-T2 (DTT) signals are typically broadcasted by big TV towers (like TV towers for analogue reception) on VHF or UHF frequencies over the air. DVB-T2 signals can be part of the VHF or UHF spectrum. So many countries are moving to this new technology due to its high quality digital picture quality and digital sound.

DTT Chennai Doordarshan Kendra Frequencies:
Ch#26 ( Centre Freq 514) 8Mhz Bandwidth with following channels in the bouquet.

DD National HD, DD Urdu, DDIndia

Ch# 29 ( Centre Freq 538) 8Mhz Bandwidth with following channels in the bouquet.

DD Podhigai, DD News, DD Sports, DD Bharati and 3 radio channels
Do you know main feature of this technology that the DVB-T2 transmitter broadcasting signals through the air which can be receive by simple antenna or aerial, with multi TV channels. So, if you tuned to a single DTT frequency then it is possible to receive more than 1 channel on same frequency.

Which equipments needed to receive DVB-T2 signals?
It depends that in which devices you want receive DVB-T2 channels:

In old analogue television sets:

If you have old analogue TV set then you have to buy Digital DVB-T2 set-top box to receive signals. You can connect this set-top box by using AV cable or HDMI cable depend input of your TV set.

In integrated Digital TV sets (iDTV):

If you have integrated Digital TV set (iDTV) then you no need to buy any device because it is already has integrated DVB-T2 chipset.

In Smartphone’s:

Yes, it is true now you can watch digital TV in your Smartphone’s, If your mobile already have integrated DVB-H chipset then you no need to buy any device but if your Smartphone not have DVB-H chipset then you can buy DVB-T2 USB dongle and download related application from Google Play store to watch DVB-T2 channels on mobile. In this process you do not need to activate any mobile data.

In Laptops and Computers:

In Computers / PC you can install DVB-T2 card or Capture Cards, you can buy DVB-T2 USB dongle and install supported software to watch live TV on laptop and PC. You can also record Live TV programs using DVB-T2 software.

In Cars:

Yes, again it is true that now you can watch DVB-T2 digital TV channels on moving cars and buses. Few installations and specific devices require for this facility. You have to buy a iDTV enabled device which can connect in your Car LCD system or you can buy LCD separately.

How to Install DVB-T2 channels in your home?
First you have to see that where you want to receive DTT channels like old analogue TV sets Smartphone’s, Laptops and Cars. You can install a normal antenna at your home or on your roof depend signal quality in your area.

First you should check that Doordarshan which band is using for DVB-T2 signals for example if Doordarshan broadcasting DTT service in your area using VHF band then you need different antenna or if Doordarshan is broadcasting DTT service in your area using UHF band then you need different antenna. After choosing DTT antenna you should buy good coaxial cable and shielded connectors improve signal reception.

If you are living in rural area then you can buy Digital VHF/UHF amplifier to improve signal quality.

Here are simple processes for installation of DVB-T2 system:

For City viewers:
DVB-T card or device ——connect with—> Coaxial cable —-connect with—–> Antenna

For Village viewers:
DVB-T card or device ——connect with—> Coaxial cable —-> —-multiband amplifier —->–connect with—–> Antenna

If you have any query regarding this, then you can ask your questions by comment.

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